As a visual artist working across disciplines, I am drawn towards an ever deepening understanding of the nature of our embodiment and the thread woven between our own souls, the transience of our lived experience, and universal pattens and rhythms of life itself.

Initiated with a bodily felt sense, imagery emerges as traces, captured glimpses, and fragments. Finished pieces of work become mementos of the flux between seen and sensed reality, in the hope of touching something of the sublime beauty flowing beneath the surface of all things.


Internal impulse, transitory revelation, fragmentory record.

Visceral flux, bodily expression, material trace.

Etherial gesture, jewel stillness, temporal mark.

Tracey works from her studio in Driffield, East Yorkshire, with recent work currently exhibited at Micklethwaite Studios. To find out more about Micklethwaite Studios, visit their website:


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